Immigration Court Representation

  • Asylum
  • Cancelation of Removal/Withholding
  • Voluntary Departure
  • Deportation Detention
  • Bond Hearing

Labor and Employment Law

Family Based Applications

  • Adjusmtent of Status
  • Family Sponsored Petitions
  • K-1 Fiancé Visas
  • Marriage Visas

Immigration laws are constantly changing. Therefore, we understand the importance of hiring a legal representative who is well informed of the changes in Immigration Laws. Finding an immigration attorney that is well-versed and informed of changes not only gives you a sense of security that your case is being handled properly, but it reduces the risk of misrepresenting an immigrations cases that can potentially lead to families being separated due to potential deportations.

Personal Injury Claims are no laughing matters. At the Law Offices of James S. Davis, we understand that after suffering a serious accident immediate decisions must be made. Decisions that will impact your physical recovery and the recovery of any damages during the accident. If you have suffered serious injuries at the hands of another individual or due to hazardous property conditions, and are needing to contact an attorney to represent your case, give our office a call today and see how we can represent you. 

Cases under Personal Injury:

  • Brain Injury/ Car accidents/ motorcycle accidents/disc injury/ dog-animal bites or attacks /Head Injury
  • Neck and back injury/ paralysis/ premises liability/ slip and fall/ traumatic Brain injury.

Other Applications

  • Differed Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Conventions Against Torture (CAT) Relief
  • Temporary Portected Status (TPS)
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Waivers and Pardons (I-601A & I-601)
  • Employment Authorizations


Immigration Law

Criminal Defense

Immigration Legal Services of Chula Vista

Personal injury


Under Criminal Defense law, it is the job of the attorney to seek the legal protection for individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. Charges for criminal activity can range in severity, as to can the forms of punishment. The following topics are a small list of the types of cases our attorney has successfully represented our clients.

Cases under Criminal Defense:

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon/ Assault and Battery /Domestic Violence /Drug Charges/ DUI-Driving under the influence
  • Felony and Misdemeanor Defense/ Sex Crimes/ Theft Crimes/ Vandalism/ Weapons Charges

Cases classified as matters of Labor and employment are encompassing of all aspects of a relationship between employer-employee and workplace activity. To name a few, wage and hour claims, discrimination, wrongful termination, employment contracts, unions, layoffs, maternity leave, etc., are all aspects of Labor and Employment Law.  Representation is provided for employees and Independent Contractors. Give us a call today and see how we may assist you.

Cases under Labor and Employment law: 

  • Class Actions / Overtime Claims /Misclassification /Wrongful termination /Retaliation /Discrimination /Hostile Work Environment
  • Age Discrimination/ Disability Discrimination /Employee Privacy Rights / Employee Benefits / Equal Employment opportunity
  • ...and many more